Give It Up


Written and performed by Morgan Brayton
Directed by Shawn Macdonald

Morgan Brayton has it all! Okay, well, she has questions about it all. Where is her husband Scott Baio? When is SNL going to call? What happened to her big break? Did she miss it? Is this it? Will there be snacks? Outlandish characters and true stories combine for big laughs from the award-winning comedian and Fringe Fest “Critic’s Choice”.


What the critics are saying about Give It Up...

"Between the moments of vulnerability, Morgan brings to the stage out-of-this-world, car-crash-you-can’t-look-away-from characters that have the audience in stitches."
Stephanie Lo, Plank Magazine

" Interspersed in her narrative are three comic character routines that show us just how brilliantly multitalented she is. Her dance with a dog will blow your mind....If you want to laugh your brains out, maybe cry a little, and experience some of the realities of the screen actor’s life (especially a woman’s), don’t miss this show."
Jerry Wasserman, Vancouver Plays

"...a fierecely funny, but biting look at “the industry” that is film....Brayton delivers with panache and incredible timing.....The lady is funny."
Entertainment Vancouver


What audiences are saying about Give It Up...

"What a tour de force! Funny, touching, and honest from one of Vancouver's best."
Tetsuro Shigematsu

"So funny but also so incredibly insightful for those of us who have those "what am I doing with my life?" moments. Or want an inside scoop on Patrick Swayze."
Alexandra Samuel

"Hilarious and relatable with great stories, fabulous characters and lines that I will be quoting for a long time!! Give it up for Morgan!!"
Sandra Medeiros

"I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Morgan Brayton's show is a gem!"
Anita Zaenker

"It's SOOOOO wonderful!!!!"
Dave Deveau

It was hilarious, honest and raw. 
Kathleen McGee

"I laughed, I teared up a bit, but mostly I laughed until I cried."
Anne Olsen

"Mike’s Vancouver Fringe Awards: Best Solo Show (Female) and Best Comedy (Honourable Mention)"
Mike Mackenzie

"It was hilarious, thought-provoking, heartfelt and all around wonderful."
Mette Bach

Photo: Michele Brayton