• Performance Works (map)
  • 1218 Cartwright Street
  • Vancouver, BC, V6H 3R8
  • Canada

Your last chance to see the show that has critics saying things like... 

"a fiercely funny, but biting look at ‘the industry’ that is film"
~Entertainment Vancouver

"comic character routines that show us just how briliantly multitalented she is"
~Vancouver Plays


"It wasn’t until about halfway through that I realized this was an autobiography, which could be an indictment on the show or my powers of perception."
~That one f**king idiot at the Edmonton Journal who had never been to a play before

If you're an actor, this show is for you. If you're someone whose life didn't turn out quite how you'd planned, this show is for you. If you just need a laugh -- look, this show is for you, okay? 

It's not avant garde or experimental, it won't make you question everything or change your life, but as Jerry Wasserman wrote, "Her dance with a dog will blow your mind." What the hell more do you want from a show?


Morgan Brayton is a former Canadian Comedy Award nominee, winner of the Vancouver Fringe Georgia Straight Critics' Choice Award, the host of OutTV's Morgan Brayton & Other People and a member of The Lady Show